Color and Protect your PU Foam Products with Milliken Additives

At Foam Expo North America 2019, Milliken & Co. will again be demonstrating why it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of additives for polyurethane (PU) foam. At booth #1810 Milliken will display its broad portfolio of products for the polyurethane industry, including its Reactint® and DispersiTech™ colorants and its Milliguard® additives. View more and related images

Published Feb 13, 2019 | Milliken
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Asian housewares makers embracing use of UL eco-label for PP products made using Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier

The energy-saving benefits of Milliken's Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier for polypropylene (PP) have long been known and documented. But now downstream customers, particularly in Asia, are realizing the upside of this, and are beginning to leverage this to their manufacturing advantage and the resulting UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) label to their marketing advantage. View more and related images

Published Dec 12, 2018 | Milliken
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Sammy Davis of Milliken & Company Named a S.C. Chamber Manufacturing Employee of the Year

Milliken & Company is honored to share that Sammy Davis, safety and training facilitator at Milliken’s Allen Plant, was named Manufacturing Employee of the Year in the Large Company/Support category by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. The program recognizes the important contributions honorees have made to their employers, customers and communities. View more and related images

Published Oct 25, 2018 | Milliken
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Milliken to Feature at Pack Expo 2018 Broad Portfolio of Plastic Solutions that Address Major Packaging Trend

Milliken & Company will feature at Pack Expo 2018 (booth #E8644) its expansive portfolio of plastic packaging solutions. These advanced materials meet consumer demand for packaging that conveys clarity and quality, contributes to a healthier planet and enables innovative, flexible designs. View more and related images

Published Aug 15, 2018 | Milliken
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Milliken & Company Announces Leadership Transition

Milliken & Company’s board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Halsey M. Cook Jr. as president and CEO effective September 1, 2018. J. Harold Chandler will return to his role as chair of the board of directors. View more and related images

Published Jul 25, 2018 | Milliken
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jARDEN, SACMI and Milliken Collaborate on Sustainable, Lightweight Pharmaceutical Barrier Bottles That Reduce Plastic and Energy Use

jARDEN Plastic Solutions, SACMI Group and Milliken & Company are jointly featuring here at NPE 2018 a revolutionary new pharmaceutical bottle that promotes sustainability through light-weighting and production efficiency. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pharmaceutical bottle, developed for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, combines technology advancements from the four companies to reduce plastic content by up to 28 percent compared to standard designs, while delivering excellent barrier performance. More specifically, Milliken’s additive solution for barrier improvement, together with uniform wall thickness provided by SACMI’s proprietary Compression Blow Forming™ (CBF™) equipment, enabled jARDEN to produce the new thin-wall bottles. These bottles are strong and light, use less energy to manufacture and generate less scrap. View more and related images

Published May 09, 2018 | Milliken
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Milliken Debuts at NPE 2018 Novel Nucleating Agent for Polypropylene, Delivering Highest Stiffness While Maintaining Impact Resistance

Orlando, Fla. – Milliken & Company is launching here at NPE 2018, booth #S26023, the latest addition to its growing family of Hyperform® HPN nucleating agents. Engineered for injection-molded polypropylene (PP) resins, the new Hyperform HPN-715 agent increases stiffness by up to 10 percent versus competitive materials while maintaining desirable impact performance. Optimized stiffness/impact balance enables thinner-wall designs and reduces the need for fillers, promoting weight-out, design flexibility and cost reduction. Further, this new nucleating technology provides higher heat deflection temperatures (HDTs) compared to other advanced nucleators, allowing PP to be used in microwaveable containers, vehicle under-hood components and household appliance parts. View more and related images

Published May 08, 2018 | Milliken
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Milliken’s New DeltaMax™ Performance Modifiers Deliver Higher Performance for Virgin and Recycled Polypropylene

Milliken & Company is introducing here at NPE 2018, in booth #S26023, DeltaMax™ Performance Modifiers, a radical advancement in additive technology for polypropylene impact copolymers (PP ICPs) and recycled polypropylene. The new masterbatches maximize the impact strength and melt flow of resins without compromising stiffness performance. These improved properties allow PP to be used in a wider range of applications in more cost-effective ways. In addition, the new DeltaMax technology is highly effective in modifying post-consumer and post-industrial recycled resins. It elevates impact and melt flow to the same level as – or better than – those of virgin resin. This unique capability allows compounders and converters to incorporate up to 100 percent recycled PP without sacrificing performance or processing. View more and related images

Published May 07, 2018 | Milliken
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Milliken to Launch at NPE 2018 New Technologies for Maximizing the Performance of PP Impact Copolymers for Injection Molding

Milliken Will Also Highlight High-performance Solutions that Make Plastics Clearer, Better and Faster View more and related images

Published Mar 08, 2018 | Milliken
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Milliken to Showcase the Value of Enhancing Bedding with Color, Comfort and Protection at ISPA EXPO 2018

At ISPA EXPO 2018, in booth #2401, Milliken & Company will showcase the value that its industry-leading colorants, antimicrobials, antioxidants and textiles bring to the bedding industry through a display of three mini mattresses using these materials. View more and related images

Published Feb 28, 2018 | Milliken
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