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Dow Corning Features at APFE 2017 Industry-Leading Portfolio of Silicone Release Coatings and PSAs for Functional Films, Specialty Tapes and Labels

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation and a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, is featuring here at the International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film & Optical Film Expo (APFE) 2017 its expanding portfolio of advanced silicone release coatings and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for high-performance release liners and protective films. View more and related images

Published May 24, 2017 | Dow Corning
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Dow Corning Launches Portfolio of Silicone-Based PSAs, Coatings for Protective Films Spanning Electronics Lifecycle at Labelexpo Americas

Dow Corning, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, introduced to the North American market here today at Labelexpo Americas a comprehensive portfolio of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and coatings for protective films used throughout the lifecycle of electronic devices. On display at the Dow Corning booth (booth #2029), these advanced, silicone-based materials include low-migration, platinum-cure PSAs and a high-performance hard coating. All of the new products have been designed to help Dow Corning’s customers optimize the performance of protective films used in electronics processing, assembly, shipment, storage and aftermarket applications. More broadly, they underscore how Dow Corning is enabling its customers to stay ahead of the latest electronics industry trends. View more and related images

Published Sep 13, 2016 | Dow Corning
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