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Dow at Light+Building 2018 to Showcase Groundbreaking LED Lighting Applications that DOWSIL™ Products EnLIGHTen in Key Markets

Dow Performance Silicones, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, returns this year to Light+Building (Booth B85 in Hall 4.0) to showcase the transformations that it has both undergone and enabled since it last attended the event. Formerly Dow Corning, the company exhibits for the first time as part of The Dow Chemical Company’s Consumer Solutions business. It will feature at its booth several commercially successful lighting fixtures and luminaires enabled by DOWSIL™ silicone technology in order to demonstrate the groundbreaking advances Dow can bring to the most dynamic and demanding markets: architecture, street, retail, automotive and stadium illumination. View more and related images

Published Mar 16, 2018 | Dow Performance Silicones
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AESSE Sales & Distribution (AESSE S&D) to feature at NPE 2018 robust portfolio of specialized, performance-enhancing additives

Sheboygan, Wis., – March 15, 2018– AESSE Sales & Distribution (AESSE S&D), the new sales, distribution and corporate development arm of AESSE Investments, Ltd., will exhibit as part of SACO AEI Polymers’ booth (# S11119) at NPE 2018 from May 7–11 in Orlando, Fla. Officially launched in February 2018, the new business will feature at the show impact modifiers, coupling agents and flame retardant (FR) masterbatches made in the United States by SACO AEI Polymers, and products manufactured by its off-shore supplier partners. In particular, AESSE S&D will spotlight the following product technologies at NPE 2018: Javachem Javachem HG 600 for improving scratch and mar resistance in filled PP and TPO in automotive components. A National Innovation Award Winner. Javachem GT300 and 805 – silicone masterbatches for faster extrusion, reduction of die drool and faster molding cycle times. Silicone masterbatches are produced in si... View more and related images

Published Mar 15, 2018 | AESSE
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Solvay Performance Polyamides inaugura en México una unidad de compounding de Technyl®

San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 15 de marzo de 2018 – Solvay Performance Polyamides, líder mundial en materiales de alto rendimiento basados en poliamida, ha anunciado que ha terminado de construir su nueva unidad de compounding de Technyl® en San Luis Potosí (México). El nuevo centro se construyó en un tiempo récord en colaboración con Chunil Engineering, proveedor automovilístico Tier 1 internacional, y uno de los grandes clientes de materiales Technyl® de Solvay. View more and related images

Published Mar 15, 2018 | Solvay Engineering Plastics
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SABIC Releases at JEC World 2018 Results of Lifecycle Assessment of Car Doors Made With UdDMAX™ Thermoplastic Composite Tape

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is releasing here at JEC World 2018 in stand L84, hall 5, the results of a recent lifecycle assessment of passenger car side doors using hybrid material solutions including laminates made with its continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTC), the UDMAX™ GPP 45-70 tape. The material system aims to help improve compliance with stringent energy and emissions regulations. The externally certified, cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment (LCA) found that doors made with the glass fiber polypropylene-reinforced composites outperformed metal car doors in two key environmental categories: global warming potential and cumulative energy demand. In addition to weighing significantly less than steel, aluminum and magnesium, the CFRTC parts deliver exceptional strength, corrosion resistance and the ability to be produced in high volumes using injection molding. View more and related images

Published Mar 08, 2018 | SABIC
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Milliken to Launch at NPE 2018 New Technologies for Maximizing the Performance of PP Impact Copolymers for Injection Molding

Milliken Will Also Highlight High-performance Solutions that Make Plastics Clearer, Better and Faster View more and related images

Published Mar 08, 2018 | Milliken
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SABIC Previews Breakthrough Mass Production Technology for Thermoplastic Composite Laminates

Thermoplastic composites are prized for their light weight and exceptional strength. However, mainstream adoption has lagged due to shortcomings in existing production processes, which are slow, costly, and labor- and waste-intensive. To drive broader use of these advanced materials across multiple industries, SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, has invested in the composites industry’s first automated, digital system for the large-scale manufacturing of laminates made with its continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTC) tapes. View more and related images

Published Mar 07, 2018 | SABIC
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Solvay’s high-strength Ixef® PARA enables next-generation Cervical-One™ single-procedure surgical instrument kit from ECA Medical Instruments

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, announced that its high-performance Ixef® polyarylamide (PARA) resin enabled ECA Medical Instruments to develop its Cervical- One™ single-use surgical instrument set for use in one- and two-level cervical spine implant procedures. View more and related images

Published Mar 06, 2018 | Solvay Specialty Polymers
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SABIC Launches New UDMAX™ Thermoplastic Composite Tape Featuring High Strength for Pipe and Pressure Vessel Reinforcement

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is introducing here at JEC World 2018 in stand L84, hall 5, new UDMAX™ GPE 46-70 tape, the newest addition to its expanding portfolio of UDMAX™ unidirectional fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite tape products. Commercially available worldwide, the new glass-filled high-density polyethylene grade is designed for reinforcing industrial applications, such as pipes and pressure vessels, offering unmatched tensile strength. This novel product has one of the highest glass content available in the industry today combined with optimal thermoplastic resin impregnation, thanks to SABIC’s proprietary high-pressure fiber impregnation technology (HPFIT™). By using UDMAX™ tape to reinforce oil, gas and water pipes, boilers and storage tanks, customers can significantly increase mechanical performance while reducing weight and help improve corrosion resistance in the most demanding environments. View more and related images

Published Mar 06, 2018 | SABIC
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Solvay’s Zeniva® PEEK enables durable all-polymer knee implant from Okani Medical Technology

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, announced that Okani Medical Technology, a China-based pioneer in artificial joint applications, has developed an all-polymer knee implant based on Solvay’s Zeniva® polyetheretherketone (PEEK). Okani’s novel ORGKnee™ implant offers a longer service life at a lower cost than traditional metallic implant systems. Solvay’s booth at AAOS 2018 will feature the ORGknee™ implant in multiple sizes. View more and related images

Published Mar 05, 2018 | Solvay Specialty Polymers
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SABIC expands unique high-temperature film portfolio with launch of new 7 micron ULTEM™ dielectric film for high-voltage applications

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is introducing here at APEC 2018, in booth #1728, a new 7µm (micron) ULTEM™ UTF120 polyetherimide (PEI) dielectric film for high-temperature, professional-grade capacitor applications. This advanced new material targets increasingly higher-voltage applications that require thicker film with greater storage capacity. The new 7µm ULTEM UTF120 film is the second product in a planned portfolio of high-performance SABIC dielectric films featuring different thicknesses to help meet customers’ specific voltage requirements. SABIC, which launched a 5µm ULTEM UTF120 film last year, is the only materials supplier offering extruded PEI film at these thicknesses. View more and related images

Published Mar 05, 2018 | SABIC
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